Teaching Team


Stephen Angle
Professor of Philosophy and Mansfield Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies

Stephen Angle specializes in Chinese Philosophy, Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism, and comparative philosophy, and his research focuses on philosophy’s role in human rights, politics, and ethics both in China and globally.

Leads Breakouts for Sections 1 & 2 (RUSSMILLET)
Drop-in hours: TBD (Fisk 201E); and by appointment

Steven Horst
Professor of Philosophy

Steven Horst is Professor of Philosophy. His research interests include philosophy of mind, cognitive science, philosophy of science, and metaphysics. In addition to this course, he also teaches courses in philosophy of mind, Early Modern philosophy, and moral psychology.

Leads Breakouts for Sections 3 & 4 (FISK314)
Drop-in hours: TBD (Russell 207A); and by appointment

Tushar Irani
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Letters

Tushar Irani holds a joint appointment in the Department of Philosophy and the College of Letters. Apart from his interests in philosophy as a way of life, he works on issues of philosophical method, the history and practice of rhetoric, and moral psychology in Greco-Roman philosophy. He has a special research interest in Plato.

Leads Breakouts for Section 5 (SHAN107) & Section 6 (RUSSMILLET)
Drop-in hours: Mon. 10:00am-12:00pm (Boger 321); and by appointment

Dialogue Facilitators

Tessa Ury
Senior Dialogue Facilitator

Tessa is a recent graduate of Wes. She majored in Philosophy with a concentration in Education. She is from Montclair, New Jersey. She has a special interest in Eastern Philosophy, particularly Buddhism and Daoism. Along with playing music she loves trying different types of workouts and plays rugby. She is super excited to be able to help develop the Dialogue Facilitation program this year!

Abbi Abraham

Abbi is a senior at Wes majoring in Film Studies and African American Studies (but is a philosopher at heart!). Outside of working on film sets and directing music videos, Abbi loves to play piano.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 4 (FISK314)

Maddy Barket

Maddy is a junior at Wes. She is from New York City and currently majors in Philosophy, with a particular interest in Stoicism. In addition to her love for philosophy, she has always been passionate about writing and fashion. She loves to cook because she loves to eat and is excited to pick up piano again this semester after a brief ten-year hiatus.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 3 (FISK314)

Katie Estep

Katie is in her sophomore year at Wes. She is from Laurel, Maryland and plans to major in Mathematics with a possible double major in Philosophy. Outside of class you can find her at the gokart tracks or sailing on Lake Pocotopaug with the Wesleyan Sailing Team.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 2 (RUSSMILLETT)

Sebastian Evans

Sebastian is a fourth year at Wes double majoring in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures and the College of Letters. Sebastian hails from Chepachet, Rhode Island and his philosophical interests primarily revolve around ancient philosophy, metaphilosophy, and indigenous philosophy. Outside of dialogue, he enjoys creative writing, music, and tennis.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 5 (SHAN107)

Rosie Hassel

Rosie is a junior at Wes and from Providence, Rhode Island. She is majoring in English and Religion. She is particularly interested in Buddhism, and the intersection of philosophy and religion. She is a thrower on the Track & Field team. In addition, she loves to weight lift, dance, bake, and hang out with friends.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 4 (FISK314)

Shuang He

Shuang is a junior majoring in Sociology and Government with a Political Theory concentration. She is from Chengdu, China, and particularly interested in East Asian philosophies, especially Confucianism and Daoism. Outside of class, she enjoys dancing, reading, and music.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 6 (RUSSMILLETT)

Natalie Horberg

Natalie (she/they) is a sophomore intending to major in Philosophy and Film. Her way of filling the existential void is by making comics about sad little guys, which are occasionally published in The Wesleyan Argus. She hopes to connect with others at the intersection between art and philosophy (and sad little guys).

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 2 (RUSSMILLETT)

Go Ishida

Go is a senior at Wes majoring in Physics and Philosophy. He is an international student from Japan. He loves traveling, cooking, and playing baseball.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 1 (RUSSMILLETT)

Jasmyne Le

Jas is a sophomore planning to major in Philosophy and Film. They're originally from the unfortunate state of Oklahoma (like the musical) but fled to Connecticut for the snow. Besides philosophy they really like animation, drawing, and bingeing Netflix shows at an alarming rate.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 1 (RUSSMILLETT)

Sofia Leautaud

Sofia is a sophomore from Mexico City. She is majoring in the College of Letters and is passionate about philosophy in general, but her current favorites are Stoicism and Existentialism. Outside the classroom, she is always happy to grab coffee and talk philosophical conundrums, book recommendations, or whatever sitcom she’s currently watching.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 6 (RUSSMILLETT)

Serena Rumpler

Serena is a junior majoring in the College of Letters and Psychology. She is particularly interested in Daoism and Stoicism, and their ideas about what is inside and outside of an individual's control. Beyond the classroom, you can find her tossing a disc or playing in the dirt at Long Lane Farm.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 3 (FISK314)

Swu Wu

Swu is a senior majoring in Psychology and Science in Society with a minor in the College of East Asian Studies. She is from D.C. and spends her time outside of class playing ultimate and creating chaos with teammates. She has no idea what she wants to do when she graduates.

Leads Dialogue Sessions for Section 5 (SHAN107)

To learn more about the use of Peer Dialogue in this course, see here.