December 1

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Post-Lecture Discussion

This class session is an opportunity to discuss your experiences putting the Stoics' approach to the good life into practice, along with the material from Monday's guest lecture on existentialism as a way of life.

Before Class

  • Consider the various conceptions of “freedom” we have come across in this course, starting with Callicles, followed by the views of the Daoists, the Stoics, and the Existentialists
  • Consider the following two questions from the end of Prof. Leboeuf’s lecture on Monday: (1) Do you think that Sartre has a conception of human flourishing? What would it mean to live a good life according to him? (2) If “anguish” comes with living freely, can we say that Sartre’s existentialism is compatible with a conception of happiness?
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After Class